184.7 – Picture Monday

I’m feeling nerdy and chatty. Bare with me for a while, and I’ll get to the routine at the end.

But it’s picture day, so let’s get that out of the way right now.

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186.1 – Weight Loss Stagnation

What is going on? A whole week back to the regimented eating after Thanksgiving, and I’m gaining pounds? Not ideal.

I’m not going to sweat it. Not right now, anyway. When week 6 comes up and I’m still putting weight on, then I’ll panic.

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What else do I have to say in these intros? Blah blah, progress. Haha
I’m not downplaying the gains I’m making, but I can only say it so many ways.

Oh, small aesthetic change starting now. No longer underlining the cardio accelerations. It ain’t worth it.

On with the show:

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From Fireside 

So, I missed a day. I hit Thursday hard, and got the 2nd double header finished, but when I got home I crashed so hard I couldn’t put my numbers up on time.

What I’m gonna do is write everything up when I get home, then date it retroactively to be on the 8th. We’ll know the truth, but no one else has to. 😉


179.2 – Let’s Test Some Limits

I mentioned on Monday that I was going to double up my routines because I’ll be gone for the weekend. That started today.
I am destroyed, but in the best possible way. A solid 3 hours at the gym is a new record for me. And I get to do it again tomorrow.

No commentary this time, just based on the pure size of the routine.

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