175.9 & 175.3 – Yes, I Forgot To Post Yesterday.

Hold on to your butts, this one’s gonna be a doozy. 2 workouts to post (I’m not gonna backdate yesterday’s workout this time.) and a recap of my night over at the Frankenstein Place.

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From Fireside 

So, I missed a day. I hit Thursday hard, and got the 2nd double header finished, but when I got home I crashed so hard I couldn’t put my numbers up on time.

What I’m gonna do is write everything up when I get home, then date it retroactively to be on the 8th. We’ll know the truth, but no one else has to. 😉


179.2 – A Most Productive Saturday

I want to dedicate today’s post to my old gym shoes.

Rest in peace, old friends. You served me well.
Rest in peace, old friends. You served me well.

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To Each, There Own


The recent Jimquisition talking about walking simulators comes at a bit of a strange time for me. I had just completed Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and absolutely loved it. The entire experience is something so completely different from anything I’d played previously, and I felt the slow-burn narrative and exploration driven gameplay to be a wonderful, emotional, 5 or 6 hour play through. However, after watching Jim Sterling’s breakdown of the walking simulator genre as a whole, I found myself agreeing with almost everything he says.

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An actual update!

Has it really been almost a year since I’ve actually done anything with this space-o-mine? That’s horrendous.

It’s time to get back into it. I’ve been at a stalemate lately in regards to any creative output, and I think it might be slowly driving me crazy.

Crazy. Not stupid.
Crazy. Not stupid.

I definitely want to get back into putting some Transformers pics up here. It was the main reason I started up again the last time, and I hate that I stopped. If anyone has visited here in the last, oh… 10 months, the posts are old, but that instagram viewer at the bottom of the page has been constant, so there are a lot of new bot shots (pictures, not the adorable toy line) to wax poetic about. BUT I also want to start doing other things that I used to, like talk movies, video games (Rocket League, guys. Rocket League), TV, whatever. It was fun to make lists, rate things, and generally give my opinion on the pop culture world.

Keep me honest, WordPress. I love you, and I don’t want to abandon you again!

‘Til then,

Here, have this while I’m here. I’ll probably post it again when I do my picture post, but it’s a nice shot so I want to show it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.59.03 PM

Bot to Go

EDIT! September 24: Meant to do this ages ago. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff off me! I hope you all enjoy your new ‘bots! Sale is Closed.

EDIT! August 6: You guys rule. 7 more good bots going to their new happy place.

EDIT! August 2: Cleaned up the list. Removed more purchased items.

EDIT! July 27: The list should be shrinking, not growing! More good stuff to a good home!!

EDIT! July 23: Erased all sold items, and updated some missing information. Also, I realized I have some legends and scouts and shit, so I’m making those free. Buy my shit, and I’ll throw in some random small bots just for fun.

EDIT! July 20: Added some more SOLD tags, and fixed a mistake. Combiner Wars Dead End is actually Drag Strip. My bad. *gives back Transformers card*

EDIT! July 19: Updated with current list

[A]2010 Banzaitron Complete
[A]2010 Seaspray Missing Guns/Missiles
[A]Beast Machines Triceradon Missing Missiles
[A]Beast Wars Cheetor Complete
[A]Beast Wars Claw Jaw Complete
[A]Beast Wars Dinobot Complete
[A]Beast Wars Iguanus Complete
[A]Beast Wars Optimus Primal Missing 1 Sword
[A]Beast Wars Optimus Primal/Megatron 2-pack Missing 2 Swords
[A]Beast Wars Razorclaw Complete
[A]Beast Wars Snapper Complete
[A]Beast Wars Snarl Complete
[A]Beast Wars Waspinator Missing 1 Missile
[A]Beast Wars Wolfang Complete
[A]Cybertron Shortround Complete
[A]Dark of the Moon Crankcase Complete
[A]Fall of Cybertron Shockwave Complete
[A]Generations Wreck-Gar Missing Right-side Rearview Mirror
[A]Prime Kup Complete
[A]Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave Complete
[A]War for Cybertron Cliffjumper Complete
Age of Extinction Evasion Mode Optimus Prime Missing Missile
Age of Extinction Grimlock Complete
Age of Extinction Scorn Complete
Age of Extinction Slog Complete
Age of Extinction Slug Complete
Age of Extinction Snarl Complete
Age of Extinction Strafe Complete
Animated Safeguard Complete
Animated Sentinel Prime
Animated Shockwave Complete
Beast Hunters Abominus Complete
Beast Hunters Arcee Complete
Beast Hunters Bulkhead Complete
Beast Hunters Bumblebee Complete
Beast Hunters Lazerback Missing Missile
Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Complete
Beast Hunters Predaking Complete
Beast Hunters Ratchet Complete
Beast Hunters Ripclaw Complete
Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron Complete
Beast Hunters Sky Lynx Complete
Beast Hunters Skystalker Complete
Beast Hunters Smokescreen Complete
Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus Complete
Beast Hunters Vertrebreak Complete
Beast Hunters Wheeljack Complete
Beast Wars Air Hammer Complete FREE
Beast Wars Bantor Complete FREE
Beast Wars Injector Complete
Beast Wars Noctorro Complete FREE
Beast Wars Sea Clamp Complete
Beast Wars Sky Shadow Missing Missile
Beast Wars Terragator Complete
Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Cheetor Missing Missile
Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron Missing 2 Missiles and Right Le
Combiner Wars Drag Strip Complete
Cybertron Wreckloose Complete FREE
Energon Doom-Lock Complete
G1 Reissue Optimus Prime Complete
Generations Blitzwing Complete
Generations Grapple Complete
Generations Hoist Complete
Generations Red Alert Complete
Generations Rhinox Complete
Generations Scoop Complete
Generations Trailcutter Complete
Generations Waspinator Complete
Movie Starscream Complete Complete 1 Post on Leg Broken
Prime Soundwave Complete
Reveal the Shield Rodimus Complete
Robots in Disguise Megatron Missing 2 Foot Covers/Dragon Crests
Universe 2003 Ratchet Complete
Universe 2003 Silverbolt Complete
Universe Blaster Missing 2 Guns
Universe Heavy Load Complete
Universe Legends Cosmos Complete FREE
Universe Longhorn Complete
Universe Obsidian Complete
Universe Onslaught Complete
Universe Powerglide Complete
Universe Ratbat Complete
Universe Silverbolt Complete
Universe Skydive Complete
Universe Stockade Complete
Universe Sunstreaker Complete
Universe Treadbolt Complete
Universe Triceradon Complete

An open letter to anyone listening

What do you do when life, in general, consistently kicks you while you’re down?
In five months I’ve ended a relationship, moved house, unsuccessfully been looking for work in a field that I spent 2 years going to school for, and all around been drowning in every negative emotion that exists. Oh, and now I have to move by the end of October. Immersing myself in drinking didn’t help. Smoking reefer until I’m a puddle on the couch helps at the time, but weed is finite.
Correction. Money is finite, and weed costs money. Also, I don’t want to become that one guy who’s just high all the time (even though, that’s basically all I’ve done the last 3 weeks).

I’ve stopped taking pictures every day. For no reason, except that I just didn’t care. What started out as something I looked forward to every day became just another effort that I would have to put forth to do something with myself. I’ve got a few more to put up and talk about (which might happen… maybe), but I just can’t be bothered anymore.

I haven’t been sleeping, either. A few hours a night, at most. Weed helps, again, but it’s just a crutch that I’m terrified to become too dependent on.

Nothing means anything. Hang out with friends? Fake having fun, want to go home. Go see a movie? Well, that was a 2 hour distraction. I want to go home. Nine hour work day? Jesus, I hate all these people. Can I go home yet? “Hey Kurt! Want to hit the bar after work tonight? Let’s party!” Seventy dollars and a massive hangover later, I kick myself for not just staying home. But when I am home, I just close the door to my bedroom and become the loneliest fucking person you’ve ever met, starved for human interaction.

Maybe a change of location? London was a glorious escape when I moved here in 2002. Everything was new. New friends, new school, new me. My high school band followed me, and we tore Southwestern Ontario apart for a solid 3 years. But then came the drinking, and drugs, and general (undeserved) “Rock Star” attitude that comes when you have 14 tour buses and sell out arenas. We didn’t.
Four years of my life were spent here in the best relationship I have ever known. But now that’s over, and every day I beat my head against the wall wishing I could go back and make it work.
I went back to college, after crashing out the first time, and earned a diploma that currently sits in a bin in my closet because it isn’t doing a goddamn thing to help me find a career in this city.
But then, where would I go? Or even better, how would I get there? I work barely full time hours in a burger pit, making enough money to pay my (not expensive) rent, and phone bill. But now, my loans are coming back to bite me in the ass, and they like to take big bites. A minimum wage job does not support rent, bills, student loans AND a move to a different city. It just doesn’t happen.

The most recent ordeal, having to move by the end of October, has hit me pretty hard. I’ve been struggling a bit these last 2 months, but things were actually kind of looking up. So much for that. My roommate found a job in Alberta that actually pertains to what he went to school for, so he’ll be moving in November to head out west. I’m happy for the kid. Really, I am. It just couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. Mentally, emotionally, or fiscally.

The more i write down here, the more I want to just erase this whole thing and forget I ever thought this would be a good idea. I’m going to stop here, but I do ask for any feedback anyone can give.
Words of encouragement, advice, even a “buck up, kiddo” would be nice.

Or you can call me a pussy, and tell me to suck it up. That works too.

Guess who’s back Back again

So here’s a thing:


At rather short notice, I managed to pull together a rag-tag crew and we are going to TFCon this year. My 3rd time going, and my second in a row.

What I thought I’d to today is start the list. The same list you write every convention year. The Want list.

Right off the bat, I want more Fuzors. I need another Darksteel to re-complete my Beast Hunters Predacons (I’ve turned my first one into Deathsaurus, thanks to a wicked Reprolabel promotion), and my Headmaster Siren is STILL not complete. Then there’s the new Dinobots out for Age of Extinction. There is just so much to want.

But I am thinking of taking a different approach this year. Instead of coming home with lots of small(-ish) purchases. Why not come home with 2 or 3 large scale ones. I’m not talking about anything like that Japanese Fortress Maximus that has been there every year I’ve been there. What is that, like, $3000? No, thanks. As much as I’d love to have that in my life, there’s no way I’m spending what they’re asking. Now, if one of the Encore Fort Max’s is for sale, and it’s maybe $250? I could see that happening.

I’d love to come home with an MP-10 this year, as well. That’s gonna cost a pretty penny. If it’s the only thing I came home with, though, I think I’d be ok with that. My budget last year was $400 for the dealer room. I’m gonna stick to that again this year, but look for better over more.

Of course, I say all this now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that once I’m on the floor, all planning goes out the window.

Are you going to TFCon this year?