173.5 – Six Weeks, Fifteen Pounds, And Baby Abs

I made it. I completed six weeks of gruelling diet, cardio and weight training. From almost 190 pounds to 173 in that short amount of time.

Day 1 / Day 41
Day 1 / Day 41

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175.9 & 175.3 – Yes, I Forgot To Post Yesterday.

Hold on to your butts, this one’s gonna be a doozy. 2 workouts to post (I’m not gonna backdate yesterday’s workout this time.) and a recap of my night over at the Frankenstein Place.

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Another day where exhaustion takes the place of witty banter.

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177.5 – That Was Unexpected

3 pounds lighter? hrmm..

So now I’m at a crossroads. I’ve gone almost 6 weeks on the same (fairly) strict diet and it worked great. But, now I feel like I’m losing a bit too much. Do I just stick it out until the end and be ok with the 170’s, or pack on an extra meal somewhere to keep my weight up?

I plan on doing a size routine after this, so it might be better to gain the weight back on that program. Decisions……

Anyway, today was leg day, so hooray for that.

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180.1 – Starting The Home Stretch By Killing Myself On My Birthday

This is it. The final week. Six more days, and one final “After” pic, and this routine has been conquered.

I’m glad I’m back up over 180 to start this week off. I’ll have to thank the pizza I ate on Saturday after moving for that. What? I was moving and people were helping. Of course I bought pizza.

Still a little bit to go, but this week will be a killer. Saturday's pic should be a good one.
Still a little bit to go, but this week will be a killer. Saturday’s pic should be a good one.

Things get ramped up for the final week. The last sets are all to failure (instead of a specific rep count), and then theres a final deloaded set to failure as well. Just enough difference to make the normal burn that much worse. Or better.

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179.9 – Moving Day

EDIT! October 26: Computer is up. Putting in today’s routine.

Today is a rush. Up early, rush to gym. Super fast (but no cut corners) routine, then rush home to actually start getting ready for the truck.

My computer is put away, so I can’t write the routine down right now. When I get everything set back up in the new place, I’ll edit this post to have Week 5, Day 6.

Moving in the rain. Yay.


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181.9 – Again

Two days in a row at the same weight. I’m ok with this. I think I’d like to stop losing at this point. If it happens then great, but I’d like to still be above 180 after this is all over. We’ll see…

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181.9 – Exhaustion

Just bare bones today.

This is what I’ve been up to:

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181.4 – And Starving

The age old dilemma: To stick to your guns, or just eat all the things.

I’m probably too tired to actually make anything, so… You win again, laziness.

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182.5 – 100 Posts about Nonsense

This is my 100th post.


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